Student Organizations: Management

The Law School's student organizations carry out important work.  They help students become involved in the life of the Law School; provide a forum for students to hear attorneys, academics, policymakers, and other community leaders speak on various topics; and create opportunities for students to network with local attorneys and other community members.  Various resources, procedures, and policies guide and support the students leading these organizations in their endeavors.  Links to the most frequently accessed resources and policies are below. 

Please contact Director Rogan-Mehta with any questions you may have about running a student organization.


  1. The Student Organization Policy and Procedures Manual
  2. The Student Organization Funding Policy (updated 9.2.2014)
  3. The Student Organization Speakers Policy
  4. The Student Organization Alcohol Policy
  5. The Bar Preparation and Study Aid Vendor Policies


Organization Application Form

  • Submit this form within the first three weeks of the academic year as part of the registration process. 

Event Registration Form

  • Submit this form at least two weeks in advance of your proposed event or meeting date to register all on and off-campus meetings and events, reserve a room in Eckstein Hall, and request approval of proposed event-related expenditures.

Zilber Forum Table Request Form

  • Submit this form at least one week in advance to reserve a table in the Zilber Forum for your organization's fundraiser or other purpose.

Bundled Announcement Request Form

  • Use this form to submit an announcement to Law News and Events.

Expenses Preapproval Form

  • Submit this form to request approval of a proposed expenditure of $200 or more that is not related to an event (proposed expenditures related to event costs are submitted via the Event Registration Form). 

Reimbursement Form (PDF/XLS)

  • Bring completed reimbursement forms, accompanied by all original receipts, to Suite 238 to request reimbursement of an organization expense.  Reimbursement requests can take up to three weeks to process.

Grant Application Form

  • Submit this form to apply for a grant to support a proposed organziation expenditure.

A/V Equipment and Services Request Form

  • Submit this form to request the use of audio or visual equipment at your organization's meeting or event.

Deposit Form

  • Submit this form to Suite 238 along with check or cash to deposit funds into your organization's account.

Other Resources

  1. Model Organization Constitution
  2. Model Officer Responsibilities Description