Student Employment

Law School Student Employment FAQs

1. How do I become a Marquette Law School student employee?

Many students work for Marquette University during their tenure at the Law School. The majority of these students become employed as paid research assistants for members of the full-time law faculty. Please contact individual faculty members to inquire about paid research assistantships.  Current opportunities are also posted in the Law News bundled e-announcements, regularly circulated to the Law School community.

The Law School also posts many employment opportunities open to all Marquette students on JobConnection, so please check back frequently!

2. What if I am not currently a Marquette student, but I am interested in these job opportunities?

Student employment opportunities with the Law School are only available to current Marquette students.  However, if you would like to explore other employment opportunities with Marquette, please check out our career site.

3. I've been selected for a student employment opportunity with the Law School, now what?

Once you have been selected for a student employment opportunity with the Law School, you may request payment authorization from the University. Please stop by Room 238 of the Law School to complete the hiring process.

In accordance with University policy, a student must complete all payroll paperwork and be fully authorized for employment by the University prior to beginning any work for Marquette. 

4. How will I know when I've completed the hiring process and am approved to begin working?

We will tell you, so please be sure to stop by Room 238 before you begin any work.

Once authorized, a student employee may begin to submit hours for payment. Student payments are issued on a bi-weekly basis and are deposited directly into an account designated by the employee. 

Student Employment Authorization Process (please stop by Room 238 to complete):

5. How do I report my hours?

All law school student employees must use the web-based timekeeping system, EmpCenter, to record their hours.  Hours must be reported in real timeMore information on EmpCenter can be found here.

It takes up to 3 business days for your new hire to show up in EmpCenter, so it is imperative that you complete the hiring process before you begin your work assignment.  

Mobile access to timkeeping information and EmpCenter is located here.

Additionally, Research Assistants and Waukesha County employees must email their total hours to their supervising professors or direct supervisors each pay period in which work is performed, requesting time approval.

6. What if I forget to clock-in/out in EmpCenter or have another timekeeping issue to report?

Please use this form to report timekeeping errors and issues.

7. Where can I find a copy of the payroll schedule?

Hard copies of the schedule can be obtained in Room 238 of the Law School.  An electronic copy is right here: 

8. How many hours may I work?

Students may work up to 20 hours per week during regular class terms (fall and spring terms) and up to 37.5 hours per week during breaks and summer terms. Overtime is not permitted.  PLEASE NOTE: Research assistants often have special hours restrictions.  Please discuss these restrictions directly with your supervising professor.

For further information, please refer to:

ABA Standard 304(f)

Law School Academic Regulations, Section 500, Article 511

Marquette's Student Employment Manual

University's statement on summer hours restrictions

9. What if I have more than one paid position with Marquette?

If a student has more than one paid position at Marquette University, all wages will be issued as one bi-weekly payment from Marquette.  Since the University combines your hours and wages, please be careful not to exceed your total allotted hours (see #8).

10. Where can I print a pay stub or view my payroll information?

You may access your payroll information on MyJob. This includes pay stubs, W-2s, hour accruals, and wage information.

11. I am a current employee who needs to be reauthorized to continue my employment with the Law School.  What do I do?

Reauthorization for your employment term happens twice per year: 1) at the start of the academic year, and 2) at the start of the summer term.  If you need to be reauthorized to continue your employment with the Law School, you can do so quickly and easily, by submitting your request for reauthorization online.

Please note, if you do not submit a reauthorization request, the system will automatically terminate your position when an employment term ends.  Delays in payment due to automatic termination in the payroll system will likely occur.

12. Do I need to do anything when/if my job assignment with the Law School ends?

Please email Law School Student Services to alert us to the end of your job assignment with the Law School so that we can make the necessary adjustments in our timekeeping and payroll systems.

13. Am I permitted to keep working after I graduate?

Student employees may NOT work beyond graduation.

14. I am currently a paid research assistant.  How do I set up my printing rights?

Research assistants for pay (or credit) may sign up for printing rights at this link.  Please allow at least two (2) business days for account setup.

15. Who should I contact with questions about Law School student employment and/or payroll?

For further information regarding student employment or student employee payroll at the Law School, please contact Law School Student Services at 414.288.7090.

Students interested in employment opportunities with the Law Library are encouraged to contact the Eckstein Law Library at 414.288.7092.

16. Who should I contact with questions about other student employment opportunities at Marquette?

For information or questions regarding other student employment opportunities at Marquette, please call 414.288.7390 or visit Marquette Central.