Graduation Requirements


1L Courses

Civil Procedure

Constitutional Law


Criminal Law

Legal Analysis, Writing & Research 1 and 2



Upper Level Requirements


The Law Governing Lawyers

Trusts & Estates

A Perspectives Elective *

A Process Elective **

A Public Law Elective ***

An Advanced Legal Research Course

A Seminar

A Workshop

* Perspectives courses include Asian Law; American Constitutional History; American Legal History; Comparative Law; Crime & Punishment in American History; European Union Law; Federal Indian Law; Jurisprudence; Law and Popular Culture; the Law of Sexual Orientation; Law, Social Science, and the Humanities; Law & Economics; Law & Religion; Parent, Child & State; Military Law; and Quantitative Methods. Not all courses are offered every year.

** Process elective courses include Administrative Law, Advanced Civil Procedure, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Criminal Process, Family Law and ADR, Federal Criminal Procedure, and Legislation. Not all courses are offered every year.

*** Public Law electives include Constitutional Criminal Procedure; Constitutional Law 2: Speech & Equality; Education Law; Federal Courts; The First Amendment; Local Government Law; the Law of Privacy; Media Law;and the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Not all courses are offered every year.

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See Article 200 of the Marquette University Law School Academic Regulations for additional degree requirements.