Leaping the Gaps for Children with Special Needs

On this resource page, you will find an annotated copy of the conference schedule, with web-links to the various presenters and articles discussed. You will also find video and audio excerpts of the conference, including the live interactive case-study. Links to other important resources and information regarding children with special needs are also provided to help you explore this issue in greater detail.

Finally, the conference binder, which contains a wealth of information is still available for a nominal cost and may be ordered below. Thank you for your continued interest in children with special needs

Annotated Conference Schedule
Conference Workgroups Summary

Watch the conference:

Interactive Case Study
Part I

Listen to Natalie Fleury speak about the conference on WUWM’s “Lake Effect.”

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*Special Needs Resource List with Web Links

Transition Special Education Health & Advocacy

DPI/DHFS memo Special Ed for Children in Out of Home Care

Special Needs Advocacy and Support Groups