Fall Recruitment Program

Each fall semester, legal employers that choose to recruit Marquette University Law School 2Ls for full-time positions for the following summer and 3Ls for permanent positions commencing after graduation participate in the Law School's Fall Recruitment Program. Employers recruit either by participating in the On-Campus Interviewing Program (OCI) or by electing one of three Non-visiting Recruiting Options. The Career Planning Center (CPC) uses the comprehensive web-based application Symplicity CSM to manage the Fall Recruitment Program.

OCI is the most prominent component of the Fall Recruitment Program. Employers electing to participate in OCI send representatives to the Law School to conduct preliminary "screening interviews" of Marquette students. Based on the screening interview, an employer may invite the student for a more in-depth "callback interview" at the employer's place of business. The Career Planning Center (CPC) plays a very active role in OCI; coordinating employer participation, managing the application process, and hosting representatives of employers for interviews.

Students are strongly encouraged to carefully review the information provided in the links below. Questions should be directed to a member of the CPC staff.